Eurolox Infusion Smoker
Eurolox Infusion Smoker
Eurolox Infusion Smoker
Eurolox Infusion Smoker
Eurolox Infusion Smoker
Eurolox Infusion Smoker
Eurolox Infusion Smoker
Eurolox Infusion Smoker

Eurolox Infusion Smoker

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  • SMOKE EM OUT – ADD THAT SOPHISTICATED SMOKY FLAVOR TO ANY FOOD OR DRINKS - Simply hold the smoke gun pipe into the desired food or drink and you will have a delicious tasting flavor. You can do this with alcoholic beverages such as Whisky and cocktails. Or food like sous vide meat, vegetables, cheese, cocktails, salmon.
  • SURPRISE YOUR GUESTS WITH A HEALTHY 5 STAR MEAL – Instead of buying ready smoked foods or wondering how 5-star restaurants make those smoky flavored hors d’oeuvres, you can use our smoke infuser today. smoke infusing is much healthier than using “liquid smoke” that contains many chemicals. This will not heat up your food as it infuses the cold smoke.
  • HANDHELD SMOKE GUN FOR FAST EFFICIENT SMOKING – Instead of having to smoke meals on the grill or outdoors, you can do it easily right in your kitchen. The smoker machine makes quick work of smoking with wood chips, tea, herbs, spices, hay, dried flowers. Each portion of food or drink will only take 3~5 minutes to add that succulent cold smoke flavor and aroma.
  • COMPACT DESIGN FOR CONVENIENTLY TRAVELLING AND OUTDOORS PARTIES – Whether you are going on a fishing trip, hiking picnic, or throwing a BBQ you are going to be remembered with this handheld smoker. The portable smoke gun is smaller than a regular smoker grill and makes smoking outdoors easy. No need to plug into an electrical outlet
  • EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN – Take your small food and drink smoker and insert 4xAA Batteries to operate (batteries are NOT included) The handheld smoke infusion can be used with wood chips and other materials. Light the wood chips inside the burner chamber and you can then smoke away to hearts delight. do not use in dishwasher.



Add a depth of flavor to all your dishes. Smoking out your food is going to become your new hobby!

Once you’ve cooked some food or served some mixed cocktail drinks you may want to add a little kick to those flavors.
The only way to do this quickly and easily at home is with this handheld smoking gun.

Traditional smokers are expensive and take up a lot of space.
Our mini smoke infuser can give you the same effect at a fraction of the cost and time.
You can even get really creative by adding tea, herbs, spices, hay, dried flowers to the smoker gun chamber.

General Features:
✔ No Special Equipment Required
 – To add some smoke to your food you just need to light some wood chips inside the burner chamber and that’s it.
No need for a giant smoking machine with all kinds of equipment, this mini machine does it all.

✔ Great for Adding Flavor to Vegetarian Foods – If you are a vegan or vegetarian that misses the flavor of meat, you can use this machine.
Smoking your food gives vegetarian dishes a meaty smoky flavor without the meat.

✔ Portable and Compact - Easy to carry for your BBQ, picnic, hiking, fishing needs. Compact storage size saves space.
Stick this little smoker inside your picnic bag or backpack.

✔ Turn Your Kitchen Into a 5 Star Restaurant - Adding a deep Smokey flavor to your homemade dishes takes a dinner party to a whole new level.
Just be sure to hide your smoking gun before the guest come in, so they can’t figure out your secret.

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